WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCBD) – Attorneys are preparing for an expected court appearance of accused murderer Alex Murdaugh on Wednesday morning in Colleton County. Murdaugh was charged last Thursday with the murder of his wife and son, Paul and Maggie Murdaugh, who were found dead at their Colleton County property last June.

Legal experts say a number of things could come out of Wednesday’s bond hearing or say the judge could decide to set a bond and move on.

Regardless, all eyes are set to be on the Colleton County Courthouse.

The lawyers are wanting the public to think ‘hey you know we’ve got this in the bag, we’re so confident about our defense we’re going to go ahead and request a speedy trial,” says Susan Williams, a long-time South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney.

Alex Murdaugh’s attorneys have stood firm that their client was a loving husband and father and had no involvement in the murders of his wife and son.

“They’re trying to control the narrative and they are going to give us some hints of his defense as they have in the past,” says Williams.

Murdaugh’s defense is set to argue for a low bond and a speedy trial while also asking for the state’s evidence to be revealed in court. Former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon says the state is likely planning for all possibilities.

“Preparation here would be strategizing relative to what arguments the defense may or may not make,” says Condon.

Condon says a speedy trial would limit evidence presentations due to the number of experts likely to be called by the state and the ability to schedule the hearings on short notice.

“I think the state needs to be thinking in terms of do they want that to happen,” says Condon. “If they don’t, do they have a plan, a prosecution plan to present to the court as soon as Wednesday?”

The recent indictments lacked specific details about the murders and the night of June 7th, 2021. Condon believes the defense will look to draw out evidence during the bond hearing, something he says the state will likely do its best to prevent.

“It is possible at this bond hearing we could have properly so, lots of discussions about what evidence the state purports to be relative to supporting these charges,” says Condon.

It’s a bond hearing that could take on the life of something more, garnering the attention of the state and beyond. Wednesday’s outcome could potentially shape the path of a future trial.

“I would suspect that they will be putting on a dog and pony show again about this is what we want the public to know about, this is what we want you to hear, look over here,” says Williams.

It’s unclear if victim impact statements will be presented to Judge Clifton Newman during the hearing or if there will be discussion on Senator Harpootlian’s schedule as Murdaugh’s attorney. If the speedy trial is granted, Murdaugh’s defense is asking for it to start within 60 days of the charges being issued.