SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Three jurors in the double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh joined NBC’s “Today” Monday morning to discuss the case.

The once prominent Lowcountry attorney was found guilty last week in the murder of his wife and son, Maggie and Paul, and received two life sentences.

Murdaugh took the stand in his own defense during the trial, but all three jurors felt it was a mistake.

“If I was him, I don’t think I would have. But I think that he believes that he’s so convincing that he felt like that was his last resort,” juror James McDowell told hosts Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin.

“No, I didn’t think he was crying. He turned it on and off.” Gwen Generette said. “It wasn’t genuine.”

As far as a motive, the jurors couldn’t pin down just one cause for the murders.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever know. I think it may have been a combination of things.” Amie Williams said. “Not just the financial, but everything was weighing heavy on him, I believe.”

Generette felt it was all about greed and control.

“I think the prosecution had a very good point,” said McDowell. “It’s a storm.”