COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Attorneys for disbarred attorney Alex Murdaugh confirmed this week that state prosecutors have audio and video recordings from the night his wife and son, Margaret and Paul, were found brutally murdered on the family’s Colleton County property.

A Grand Jury in Colleton County last month indicted Murdaugh in the deaths of his wife and son. But Murdaugh’s attorneys – who maintained his innocence – demanded to see evidence that led to the decision.

In a motion filed Monday, attorney Dick Harpootlian said that during a search of Paul’s phone, investigators found audio and video recordings of Paul, Margaret, and Alex talking about the behavior of the family’s dog near the kennels on the family property in the same area where the bodies of both victims were found a short time later.

In the motion, Murdaugh’s attorneys said on August 17th the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) played portions of the recordings to members of the Murdaugh family last week but has continued refusal to turn over evidence to attorneys.

Details about the content of those recordings are limited; however, the motion claims the conversation between Alex and his wife and son provides no motive leading to the murders.

“This is some of the most powerful evidence you can have,” says Retired FBI Special Agent Bobby Chacon.

In the months since Murdaugh and his attorneys have maintained he was not home and instead visiting his dying father at the time of the murders. Murdaugh claimed to return home that evening to find their bodies.

“That you can put Alex Murdaugh on that grass, outside those dog kennels, at the time that his wife and son are killed,” says Chacon. “I mean that’s tremendous evidence.”

The evidence recovered from Paul’s phone on the night of the murders is potentially just a small look at what the state has described as a ‘mountain.’ Chacon expects Murdaugh’s attorneys to look for ways to throw the evidence out.

“They may move to suppress this,” says Chacon. “I can imagine they would move to suppress this type of evidence even on the flimsiest of theories because it’s damming evidence.”

The motion also accuses state investigators of leaking evidence to the media and public despite seeking a protective order. Chacon says he disagrees with the theory.

“It doesn’t benefit the investigation at all to leak this stuff and most of the time these leaks do come from the defense,” says Chacon.

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Harpootlian said last week prosecutors failed to hand over evidence within a deadline that called on them to deliver evidence against their client which they said was required by law.

State prosecutors said they have not leaked evidence and were in the process of seeking a protective order before turning over evidence.

Murdaugh’s attorneys and state prosecutors will be back in court next Monday in Colleton County. Judge Clifton Newman will hear Murdaugh’s motion to compel evidence from the state and the state’s motion to unseal search warrants. Count on News 2 for the latest.