WALTERBORO, SC (WSPA) — Paul and Maggie Murdaugh were shot at close range and had no defensive wounds.

It also appeared Paul was ambushed by his killer. All of this is according to a crime scene specialist who testified during the double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh.

The former South Carolina attorney is accused of shooting and killing his wife and son in June 2021. Murdaugh and his defense team deny he had anything to do with the murders.

Dr. Kenneth Kinsey was on the witness Thursday morning. He went into graphic detail about the gunshot wounds Paul and Maggie sustained.

According to Dr. Kinsey, the first shot was not fatal to Paul. He stood for a moment and began moving towards his killer. The second fatal shot hit him in the head.

“When Paul received that second shot. He never walked again, he never made any movement. Any movement he made was involuntarily and it was gravity pulling his body to the ground,” Kinsey told jurors.

That fatal shot that killed Paul was steeper than the first. Murdaugh’s defense team pressed Kinsey about the height of the shooter.

Attorney Dick Harpootlian said while holding the shotgun at the angle, “Why would the second shot be like this? You would agree a normal height person would have to crouch to take that shot?” Kinsey said he wasn’t sure, all he could discuss was the angles of the shot. “I can’t tell you the psychology.”

Thursday afternoon, evidence and testimony related to the September 2021 roadside shooting was presented to jurors for the first time.

Murdaugh had originally told police he was shot by an unknown person while changing a flat tire. A few days later, Murdaugh and his attorneys called SLED to admit he had made up that story.

During that call Murdaugh said, “I was in a very bad place… I just thought it would be easier for my family for me to be dead.”

The shooting was a botched hit-man scheme. Murdaugh had asked his client and alleged drug dealer Curtis Smith to shoot and kill him so his surviving son would receive money from his life insurance. Murdaugh was hit in the head and taken to the hospital where he recovered.

More testimony on this roadside shooting is expected Friday. The trial is scheduled to resume at 9:30 a.m.