WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCBD) – Onlookers, media, and law enforcement were back in front of the Colleton County Courthouse for day two of the Alex Murdaugh murder trial on Tuesday.

“The circumstances are sad but it’s good for Walterboro to get the exposure, to have all of these people come in that maybe have never been here or heard of Walterboro at all,” said longtime resident, David Cobb.

Cobb, who is the General Manager at Fat Jack’s Restaurant, has been following the case and every twist and turn that has come a long with it. On Tuesday he stopped by the courthouse to see the action outside.

“I used to manage a bottle grocery store in Hampton and that’s where the Murdaughs were, that’s where they were located, where their firm was. And so, you know, I’ve had experiences with them and had dealings with them, so it was very interesting to see all of this unfold,” Cobb said.

Meanwhile, the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office is providing security throughout the trial.

According to Capt. Jason Chapman with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, they started prepping immediately after learning when the trial would begin.

The sheriff’s office has been meeting with city agencies like the police department once a week. Chapman said there are about a dozen officers outside in the morning and evening, and about six to 10 throughout the day.

The trial has brought hundreds of visitors to the small city of Walterboro which is known as the Front Porch of the Lowcountry.

“Well, we hope that we’ll have some repeat visitors and that people will like Walterboro and they’ll come back just to visit, to socialize, to shop in our boutiques and our stores and our restaurants. We would be glad if that resulted from this,” said Mayor Bill Young.

If you do find yourself in town visiting for the trial, the mayor said there are other sites to see as well such as the Walterboro Wildlife Center, a 600-acre wildlife preserve, and many historic homes.