MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – The attorney for a passenger who was injured in a 2019 boat crash that resulted in the death of another passenger spoke recently about the lawsuit filed by his client against the Murdaugh family.

Attorney Joe McCullough says that Alex Murdaugh orchestrated a campaign to frame his client, Connor Cook, as the driver of the boat, shifting the blame away from Paul Murdaugh.

The boat crash, which resulted in the death of Mallory Beach, followed a night of heavy drinking by all six passengers on the boat.

At the hospital, Cook alleges that Murdaugh told him to keep quiet about who was driving.

He also says that Murdaugh recommended an attorney, Corey Fleming. Knowing Murdaugh’s high standing within the legal community, Cook took the recommendation without thinking much about it.

Later, Cook says he found out that Murdaugh’s recommendation of Fleming was strategic and self serving.

Fleming was Murdaugh’s college roommate and Paul’s godfather. The suit alleges that while serving as Cook’s attorney, Fleming made advisements not in the best interest of his client, but in furtherance of Murdaugh’s “whisper campaign” to pin Cook as the fall guy.

McCullough finds the Fleming situation suspicious, especially because Murdaugh also suggested Fleming represent the victims in a prior wrongful death case connected to the Murdaugh family.

“There appear to be some consistencies, some things that don’t strike me as mere coincidence,” says McCullough.

In 2018, Murdaugh suggested Fleming to represent the sons of his longtime housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, who died after an alleged trip and fall accident at the Murdaugh’s home.

The sons were supposed to get an insurance payout, which lawyers have recently revealed to be in the millions, but say they have yet to receive any money.

McCullough says he’s confident more twists in the investigations are likely.

“I have no idea what landmine will go off, what grenade in the bunker is going to get thrown and what revelation is going to occur,” says McCullough, but he feels one is coming.