WALTERBORO, SC (WSPA) — Jurors were shown what state prosecutors considered key pieces of evidence in the Alex Murdaugh double-murder trial Wednesday.

The prosecution shared data gathered from cell phones belonging to Alex, Paul and Maggie Murdaugh with the jury. A cell phone forensic expert from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) explained what was in that data.

After detailing phone records, Lieutenant Britt Dove was asked about any photos or videos taken on cell phones belonging to the Murdaughs. He found a video taken on Paul’s phone around 8:44 p.m. the night of the murders.

It shows Paul checking on a dog in one of the kennels. Lt. Dove testified three distinct voices can be heard in the footage.

Cell phone video taken by Paul Murdaugh

Prosecutors say Paul, Maggie and Alex were speaking in the video. In court, Murdaugh appeared to cry when it was played.

Later in the day, two of Paul’s friends testified one of the voices in the footage belonged to Alex.

Murdaugh had said the last time he had seen his family was at supper. The prosecution said this video places Murdaugh at the scene of the murders minutes before his family was killed.

In court Wednesday, Lt. Dove talked about data in the phones that records steps and phone orientation. He laid out Paul’s and Maggie’s final movements before their phones stopped showing activity.

The defense focused their attention on steps recorded by Alex’s phone and when the phone belonging to Maggie changed it’s orientation one last time around 9:06 pm. No steps were recorded from Maggie’s phone at that time. This was also around the time Alex called Maggie.

Defense attorney Phillip Barber questioned Lt. Dove about this. Dove said, “It appears the phones were not together being moved by the same person because they are both not recording steps.”

The prosecution brought the call log for Alex’s phone. According to Lt. Dove, a gap was discovered in that log. Calls placed to Maggie on the night of the murder did not appear in his phone log among other calls.

Maggie’s phone records showed Alex had called her five times that evening. Records show each call was not answered.

Court is in recess until 9:30 Thursday morning.