HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – As of Tuesday, every surviving passenger of a fatal 2019 boat crash involving a prominent Hampton County family has filed charges against the Murdaughs.

Morgan Doughty and Miley Altman both filed personal injury suits Tuesday.

Among those named as defendants are disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh, who is currently in jail on multiple other charges including money laundering for allegedly defrauding victims he was hired to represent in court out of millions; Alex’s only living son, Buster; Alex’s brother John Marvin, as personal representative for Alex’s late wife, Margaret, who was murdered at their family home in June of 2021; and Alex’s other brother, Randolph IV as personal representative for Alex’s late son, Paul, who was facing charges for allegedly driving the boat while drunk at the time of the crash, but was murdered along with his mother.

The suits allege that Paul’s behavior leading up to the crash was condoned by the family. They argue that not only did Paul’s parents know about his underage drinking and driving of family vehicles — they condoned and facilitated it. Paul’s older brother, Buster, was also a player, giving Paul his ID to purchase alcohol since Paul was underage, according to the suits.

The two girls are the last victims of the crash to take legal action.

The family of Mallory Beach — the third girl who was on the boat that evening — has filed multiple suits against the Murdaugh family. Beach was thrown from the boat during the crash and died. Her body was found days later.

Anthony and Connor Cook were also on the boat that evening. Both have taken legal action against the Murdaughs, with Connor accusing Alex of “orchestrating a whisper campaign” at the hospital following the accident, trying to shift the blame from Paul to Connor.