COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Video that was presented as an evidence exhibit in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial Friday reveals the first interview between Alex Murdaugh and law enforcement on the night both Paul and Margaret were murdered at the family’s Colleton County property.

The interview was conducted inside a car driven by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agent David Owens’ car because of rain. Murdaugh is seen sobbing as he described the crime scene.

Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Detective Laura Rutland is also present.

Murdaugh tells Agent Owens that he tried to turn Paul over and his cell phone popped out of his pocket. He said he put it back immediately.

 He said that he tried to take Paul and Maggie’s pulse and then called 911. Murdaugh said after he called 911, he called his brother Randy and his brother John and then attempted to call a neighbor.

Owens questions Murdaugh about the family relationship. He describes his and Maggie’s relationship as wonderful; he says they had some issues, but it was normal. He says his and Paul’s relationship was as good as it could be.

Owens asks if they’ve had any problems out there. Murdaugh says the boat wreck is the only thing that comes to his mind. He says there has been a lot of negative publicity, a lot of people online saying nasty stuff, and that when Paul goes out he has been “punched and hit, attacked a lot.” Owens asks if Paul has received any direct threats. Murduagh says repeatedly that Paul gets them all the time.

Owens asks if there is anybody that they need to talk to tonight. Murdaugh says he can’t think of anybody he is overly suspicious of off the top of his head.

He says “it’s a stupid thing, I’m embarrassed to even say it…” then talks about a guy he had just hired to work on the property — C.B. Rowe — who told Paul some story about how he got in a fight in high school then was put on an undercover team of Navy Seals. Owens and Murdaugh agree the story is far-fetched. Murdaugh noted that Rowe was off today and that he really does not think Rowe is the person responsible. “For all his weirdness, I mean I do think that they got along pretty well,” Murdaugh said.

Owens asks if anybody from the boat accident would come after Paul. Murdaugh says he doesn’t know of any direct threats from any people on the boat. He said most of the boating accident threats came from people Paul didn’t know or only knew distantly. He recalls a time Paul went to Charleston and came back with a black eye.

Rutland asks how Paul is handling it. Murdaugh says he’s never been prouder of Paul in how he has handled the pressures and adversity in that situation and that Paul is a wonderful kid.

They discuss weapons on the property. Murdaugh says there are probably 25 guns of all varieties and that he doesn’t have a list, but he can make one.

Murdaugh tells them it is very common for Maggie to be out at the kennels in the evenings.

They ask if he has any cameras on the property. He says he has deer cameras around the property, but none near the crime scene.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Portions of the video were removed by News 2 to prevent the airing of some phone numbers due to privacy.