MT. PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Off McKnight Road in Mt. Pleasant sits a free, community-driven market. It’s being called ‘Godwill’ by the woman who created it.

Kitcat Cunningham is a long-time Mt. Pleasant resident who works to help others all year round, but especially during the holiday season.

You can find food, clothes, toys, paint, appliances, and more on Godwill’s tables and Cunningham says if she doesn’t have it, she will work to get it.

“I am just an offset of helping the neighborhood, helping the community. Imagine if you had this at every food truck community gathering. Bring a free gift, exhange a new frame. Wherever you are, we don’t need all the stuff on the cargo ships, we don’t need any of that. So instead of Goodwill, God will provide,” said Cunningham.

It’s an extension of Triumph Church House Ministries which serves low-income individuals and families in the Charleston area through food drives and more.

Cunningham is passionate about her mission after years of struggling with addiction. Now sober, she has found strength in faith and wakes up asking ‘who can I bless today?’

The name ‘Godwill’ is more than just a play on words for Cunningham, it represents a new take on life.

“Before I lived here 13 years ago, I lived on Schirmer in the Old Village behind Goodwill. I had nothing and I was also drinking and drugging at the time too. I have recovery now. But Godwill is my repentance. Because I used to take from Goodwill when it was necessary. And now I’ve opened a free Goodwill,” said Cunningham.

Donations are accepted at Godwill during daytime hours. It is located at 1124 McKnight Road off Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant.