CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Hank Eskin came up for the idea of “Where’s George?” in December 1998, after wondering where a dollar bill could end up after he spent it.

“I was looking at the bill and I realized that it had a unique serial number on it and using a unique serial number, in theory, you can track where it came from,” said Eskin.

In order to track your dollar, you have to make a profile on the website, enter the serial number on your dollar bill, write a note on your dollar to inform the next person to receive your dollar to re-enter the serial number to the website again, and then the dollar’s location will pop up on the website.

The website receives nearly 10,000 bills and 5,000 dollar re-entries a day.

With all of these dollars being registered into the website, Hank has heard some interesting stories.

“Friday night someone will enter a bill and say I found this bill at the strip club last night and then the very next entry is on Sunday and someone will say I found it in the collection plate at church,” he said.

Unfortunately, like everything else in the world, the website was also impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since seen a bit of a come back.

“It certainly impacted the amount of traffic. People were just not doing..the fun things they usually do. More concentrating on…quarantining and not going out, not spending things, not going to the movies, not spending cash so for the first few months that had a big impact on the traffic and participation level but it’s kind of come back.”

Hank Eskin

The website also includes a public forum section, which allows users to connect with each other over various different subjects, which has created a real community and built relationships that last a lifetime.

“There have been…at least a dozen or so marriages, a couple of kids have been born as a result of meeting on ‘Where’s George?’

Over 20 years later, Hank reflects on his “quirky idea” and the impact it’s made on many.

“That I started something that was just a quirky idea in my hotel room, I never expected it to be anything big….It’s just heartwarming to know I brought this joy to so many people.”

Hank Eskin

Click here to view the website and register your own dollar bill.