NORTH CHARLESTON S.C. (WCBD)– The North Charleston Police Department is investigating reports of two cars shooting at each other Monday night near Rugheimer Ave in the Park Circle area. 

Monday evening, residents and Park Circle were left shaken after hearing several gunshots near their homes.

27-year-old Kareem Mikell was one of the two individuals who police said was shooting from the moving vehicles Monday night. Mikell was charged with receiving stolen property and possessing a pistol by a felon.

The suspect was wounded on the scene, but no injuries to residents in the community were reported. 

Aaron Hicks, a community leader in the North Charleston community, said he received several calls and text messages about the shooting when it occurred.

“Two vehicles were racing behind each other in the park circle area. Both vehicles were shooting at each other at high speeds through neighborhoods right here in the park circle area,” said Hicks. 

According to records that the North Charleston Police provided, This shooting was the first reported in this neighborhood over five months.

Brian Knox, a resident of the Park Circle community, said he fears that if new gun legislation isn’t passed, something worse can happen to bystanders.

“People have a problem, and then they can solve it easily with a gun they think in their head. And if they don’t have easy access to guns, then you know that part goes away,” said Knox.

North Charleston city councilwoman Virginia Jamison believes that citizens must get involved to decrease violence across the community.

“We need to go back to caring for each other. If a mother knows her son or daughter is committing a violent crime or involved in violence, they must report it. If children associate with others and see something else going on, they need to report it. We need to get back to communities. We need to get back to caring for each other,” said Jamison.

One arrest has been made, and the North Charleston police department says this investigation is ongoing.