CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – New video obtained by News 2 from a security camera overlooking a Memorial Day block party is shedding new light on an incident that left ten people shot. 

What started as a house party on Memorial Day spilled out onto the street and became what neighbors call out of control before midnight hit on Memorial Day. 

Sergeant Elisabeth Wolfsen with the Charleston Police Department says a few noise complaints were made earlier in the night after 9 p.m. and officers made contact with the party hosts to tell them to keep it down.

Then, around 11:40 p.m., an officer responded to another noise complaint and upon arrival was met with gunfire. He and nine others were injured during the crossfire.

In an opinion editorial in the Post and Courier over the weekend, the author, who lives near the scene of the shooting, calls for answers from the police department.

He and others want to know why the party wasn’t shut down earlier in the night.

I brought these concerns to the Charleston Police Department.

“We have said from day 1 that there is some validity in shutting down this party more quickly. And that is just something that we are evaluating our response on,” said Sergeant Wolfsen. “After it gets to that point and it begins to spill out into the street and impeded traffic…we’re always learning.”

Sgt. Wolfsen commented on CPD officer’s actions of running into a dangerous situation and rendering life-saving aid while restoring peace at the scene.

She says a nationwide increase in gun violence needs to be addressed and CPD is working to help in that effort in several ways including partnering with other agencies, creating youth programs and task forces, working to get gun cases adopted federally, and more.

So far one arrest has been made in this ongoing investigation.