CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- A South Carolina lawmaker announced plans to visit Buffalo, N.Y. on Wednesday in the wake of a deadly shooting earlier this month.

Rep. JA Moore (D-Berkeley), whose sister was killed in the 2015 Emanuel AME Church shooting, said he will visit the site of the deadly May 14 shooting in which a white teenager is accused of killing 10 people when he opened fire on supermarket shoppers in a largely Black neighborhood.

In wake of the deadly Buffalo shooting, many South Carolinians drew parallels to the Charleston church shooting in which white supremacist Dylan Roof opened fire on a bible study killing nine Black worshippers.

“This tragedy made me want to take a different type of action, see the people, and how I can be helpful. How I can bring a concept of liberty, justice, and freedom for all people,” says Rep. Moore.

“I was confronted by the evil of white supremacy when it took my sister’s life at Emanuel AME church in 2015,” Moore said. “I’m going to Buffalo to show support for the community and meet with local leaders. Days after the South Carolina General Assembly failed to pass a hate crime bill, we saw one of the most shocking displays of hatred in years. This legislation cannot wait. South Carolina must send a message that hate is not welcome in our state.”

Moore is also scheduled to meet with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, drop off food at Feed More WNY’s donation site, and speak at Grace United Church.

“We’re going to raise $25,000 specifically for food for the people of Buffalo because Tops was a grocery store that is now a crime scene. There was already food insecurity in that area,” he says.

He has been an outspoken advocate for the passage of a hate crime bill in South Carolina. The bill passed S.C. House but stalled in the Senate, eventually dying when the legislative session ended.

“We have to pass hate crime here in South Carolina, we have to. We have no other choice and one of the reasons I am going to Buffalo is so I can share people’s stories,” says Rep. Moore.

He says he hopes his visit will reinforce the message that hate will not be tolerated.

“People have the right to feel free from fear, go to a grocery store, to pray, and go to school to be safe and feel safe. We have to do something,” says Rep. Moore.