NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Whether you’re planning to visit with friends, family, or just take a vacation this holiday season, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when traveling with gifts for loved ones.

TIP #1: Wait to wrap if you can.

Wrapped gifts are allowed through TSA security, but if your packages raise any alarm bells, a TSA agent may have to unwrap them. That means all your hard work wrapping could go to waste. If you can, wait to wrap your gifts until you reach your final destination.

TIP #2: Put wrapped gifts in your checked baggage.

Don’t bother with the stress of wondering if your package will get unwrapped by TSA and pack it in your checked baggage. It’s less likely to be searched that way.

TIP #3: Make sure your gifts meet TSA guidelines.

There are certain items you just can’t carry with you on a plane and the holidays are no different. Make sure any gifts you have in your carry-ons adhere to the restrictions put in place by TSA. This includes food, snowglobes, string lights, and other popular holiday items. You can search for specific items to find out if they’re allowed here.

TIP #4: Protect your breakable gifts

Picture this: You arrive at your destination for Christmas excited to place gifts under the tree. You open your suitcase and find some of your packages are in pieces. Avoid this by using bubble-wrap or clothes as padding to protect those fragile, breakable items.

TIP #5: Consider shipping your gifts ahead of time.

If there’s any doubt your Christmas gifts might not make it through TSA or arrive in one piece, you might want to ship them to your final destination before you leave. Find out what shipping options are still available here.