CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Travel experts say if you have not booked your holiday flights yet,
time is running out for the best rates. Experts say this year is expected to be the busiest holiday travel they have ever seen.

There is good news as AAA Carolinas said that most Carolinians already have booked a ticket. Still, the time is now for anyone who is still waiting, because prices are just going to go up.

According to a recent survey from AAA, more than 60 percent of those planning on traveling for a holiday have already booked their tickets by the end of September

Experts say folks should consider buying travel tickets as soon as possible, AAA officials shared some tips ahead of the buy travel season including using a travel agent, travel insurance, and being flexible with different travel times.

News 2 spoke to the Director of Public Affairs at AAA Tiffany Wright who said there is still time to buy a low-cost plane ticket but the day of travel will dictate that cost.

“If you haven’t booked yet consider booking on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Typically their busier days are going to be on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the holiday, and on the return side, it’s going to be on Sunday. So if you can consider or maybe opt to book your travel plans a couple of days earlier and then on the back side, maybe returning on Saturday that may help you with some congestion and some delays,” said Wright.

Experts say it’s hard to know when tickets are at their cheapest as prices are always changing, but buying them the sooner the better.