CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Neighbors who live near The Battery in downtown Charleston said the flooding they saw during Tropical Storm Idalia on Wednesday was unlike anything they’ve experienced in a long time.

Waves were seen crashing over the sea wall and flood waters inundated South Battery, King Street, and Murray Boulevard. Water was about knee-high in some areas.

News 2’s Kevon DuPree reported that water coming over the battery wall was strong enough that it was toppling traffic cones and washing away various forms of debris.

The rain and winds were steady, but it didn’t stop several people from coming out to see the impacts of Tropical Storm Idalia. One neighbor said he wasn’t expecting something like this.

“Kind of crazy. We didn’t expect this much flooding,” said Lee Williams who lives along the Battery. “The park looks beautiful but it looks like a lake if you look down where the lights are on, it looks like moonlight. I’ve never seen this many people out, but I think because the storm came in kind of early … I kind of like that all the people are out, it reminds me of the aftermath when we call come together and help each other.”

The Charleston Police Department closed several roadways near the Batter because of the flooding. There is no word on when those streets will be reopened.