CHARLESTON, S.C. – The total solar eclipse will strike us with quite the view in Charleston on August 21st.

Before the big day, educational events have been going on around town to learn and talk about what we can expect during the eclipse.

Girls Day Out summer campers spent the day and night at the College of Charleston on Friday to have fun, to learn, and to explore STEM related degrees and career opportunities.

The eighth and ninth graders even got the chance to listen to NASA author and employee, Jennifer Baer, share what it is like to work for NASA, a book she recently published, and the total solar eclipse.

“There is no bigger event.We have things such as space missions which are very much planned but don’t always go to planned. You scrub a launch, you need to fix something, or the data that you get back from a mission is different than what you expected. But the eclipse is going to happen regardless. NASA, we don’t run the show. At this point,  we just sit back, watch and learn, and hope to share some of our enthusiasm with the world.” said Baer.

NASA will broadcast the solar eclipse LIVE from the College of Charleston campus starting at 1 PM on Monday, August 21st.