Today is the official start for Severe Weather Awareness week in South Carolina. Each day Storm Team 2 will talk about severe weather. Including tornadoes, floods, and procedures to keep you and your family safe.

Today is severe weather safety.

When dangerous weather approaches make sure that you know the risks for your area. Be prepared to take action and develop an action plan for you and your family. Whether it be thunderstorms, tornadoes, or flash floods you can always stay informed with Storm Team 2 on the app. Available in Google Play and Apple app stores.

If you see lightning and you are outside, get to a safe space indoors. If you can’t find shelter make sure that you are not the tallest object outside.

If there is a tornado warning, get to the lowest level of your home or a building, or the most interior part of your home and try to avoid windows.

Flooding safety is also very important. Never drive, walk, or swim through moving water, it can quickly sweep you off of our feet. Always remember “turn around, don’t drown” in any flooding situation.