The 2022 Hurricane Season begins this week, June 1st. This season is predicted to be an above-average season with 14-21 named storms. So to prepare for the upcoming season, this week is recognized as hurricane preparedness in South Carolina. Today is focusing on storm surge, developing your evacuation plan, and knowing your evacuation zone. 

Storm Surge

One of the greatest impacts from hurricanes is storm surge. Storm surge is the water that is pushed to the shore from hurricane winds. The advancing storm surge is also combined with the normal tide to create the storm tide which can increase the mean water level to heights impacting roads, homes and other critical infrastructure.  The shape and orientation of our coastline put us at risk for storm surge.  Most recently we saw devastating storm surge from both hurricanes Florence and Dorian.   

Develop a Plan 

Now is the time to develop a plan with your family in preparation for hurricane season. Know if you live in an evacuation zone or if your home can withstand a hurricane. If you are in an evacuation zone, figure out how you would leave and where you would evacuate. If possible, try and have multiple options and include your pets in your plan as well. 

2022 Hurricane Season Outlook

Know Your Zone 

The Know Your Zone campaign was developed by the Horry County Emergency Management Department in 2012.  All coastal counties in South Carolina have adopted the “Know Your Zone” as a way to know the best ways to prepare for the landfall of a major hurricane.

Evacuation zones are the areas that are most at risk with storm surge and coastal flooding. Before the storm hits, local officials will determine which areas should be evacuated.