2020 has been a year for the record books, especially when it comes to the Atlantic Hurricane Season. We are just now reaching the peak of the season, and many records have already been rewritten.

This Atlantic Hurricane Season kicked off early on May 16th with the formation of Tropical Storm Arthur. That in itself is not a record, but the fact that Arthur forming marks six years in a row that a storm has formed before the official June 1st start date is.

After Arthur came many more record earliest named storms, from Cristobal and Edouard through Marco. The only storms that did not set earliest records were Arthur, Bertha and Dolly. 

Here’s the rundown:

Cristobol, on June 2nd, broke Colin’s record from 2016.

Edouard, on July 6th, broke Emily’s record from 2005. 

Fay, on July 9th, broke Franklin’s record from 2005.

Gonzalo, on July 22nd, broke Gert’s record from 2005.

Hanna, on July 24th, broke Harvey’s record from 2005.

Isaias, on July 30th, broke Irene’s record from 2005.

Josephine, on August 13th, broke Jose’s record from 2005.

Kyle, on August 14th, broke Katrina’s record from 2005.

Laura, on August 21st, broke Luis’s record from 1995.

Marco, on August 22, broke Maria’s record from 2005.

Notice that all of these “earliest” records, with the exception of Cristobol and Laura, were broken from the then record breaking 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

To top it all off, there have not been two hurricanes simultaneously in the gulf on record. Both Laura and Marco are expected to strengthen into Category 2 and 1 hurricanes, respectively, before making landfall over the upcoming days. That will be another record to watch. 

So, how many more records will we break this season? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain- Storm Team 2 is here to guide you through every storm, record breaking or not.