The New year can be a good time to make changes, so why not start going green now.

 If it seems overwhelming and you’re wondering where to even start.

 Jen Ashley an editor with CHSToday a local daily newsletter says, you can start simple and small.

“It’s all about baby steps, and so you don’t have to save the world today. You don’t have to put on a cape and think that you are going to reverse the effects of climate change or lower the sea levels, all you have to do are little things” 

Remember the phrase Recycle, reuse and reduce.  

Our goal is to reduce waste by reusing what we can and recycling what we cannot.  

Start by changing out the lightbulbs around your house, while LED bulbs may cost more upfront it will save you money on your energy bill and the bulb last longer than standard lightbulbs.  

“Another thing that you can do, that again will save you money as well buying a reusable water bottle, that way you can, you don’t have you buy a big case of water bottles. It’s saving you money; because you will have this single water bottle instead of having to go to the grocery store and getting new cases of them.  and you can just fill it up.”

You can also pick up reusable straws at most stores across the Lowcountry. Make sure you are using your reusable bags when shopping, and at the grocery store look for SC Grown labels.  

“If you are buying lettuce or another type of produce or even meat that was produced states away, then it takes gas to ship that food to where you are, to your grocery store, to your home. And in addition, it takes time so if you are buying something is locally grown, then you are getting something that is fresher. So even if you are spending a couple of bucks more, you are actually doing something that is better for the environment, and it going to last longer in your fridge.” 

If you can walk, bike or carpool, that will decrease emissions and less traffic. Win win for everyone!  

These a just a few simple easy changes to start going green, however, if you are looking to make some bigger changes in your home.  Bryan Cordell executive director of the sustainability institute a non-profit here in Charleston says here is how,  

“Upgrading your HAVHC system to a higher (ser) level, adding insulation is a big one. Replacing, doing a full lighting replace in your house to LED is very helpful. Purchasing solar panels, if it is a good fit for your house.” 

You need about 14 inches of insulation, and most homes don’t even have that. You can add insulation to decrease the amount of energy used to control the temperatures in your home.  

“also things like air sealing, cocking, and weather-stripping your doors and your windows, can make a big difference in terms of keeping that heat or air conditioning in your house.” 

Bottom line, be mindful where you can eliminate the need for plastics and waste. Remember Recycle, reuse and reduce. The Christmas is a holiday is right around the corner, and that produces a lot of excess waste. Next week we will talk about a few easy ways you can make your Christmas a little extra green this year. For Storm team 2 I’m meteorologist Arielle Whooley.