CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD)- We see town after town eliminating the use of plastics, first Johns Island, Mount Pleasant and soon the city of Charleston. For some this may be an inconvenience, but it is all part of a push to go green. This is more than just a trendy word, it a change in lifestyle to eliminate excess waste to help preserve our plant.  

 “Go green because you care, you care about future generations, you care about this. If you didn’t care about future generations, you may waste more, and you may pollute the earth more. So people who care about the future generations are the people who are most interested in going green” 

Katie McKain, Director of Sustainability for the City of Charleston says get creative!

“America is all about innovation, our world today we can combat this. We can attack this challenge”.  

This, being Climate change.

No question the data shows our world and oceans are warming at an alarming rate. 

Warmer oceans can hold more moisture and therefore create more intense storms. 

It also can impact our weather patterns, leading to less rain in parts of the world and more wildfires.  

Bryan Cordell executive director of the sustainability institute, a non-profit located here in Charleston explains, how we are seeing climate change right here in Charleston.  

“ we are now understand that our, the vulnerabilities of climate change are only increasing. And we see it every day here in Charleston, we see it with storm events, we see it with flooding, and we know our action directly correlates with that.  So, anything that we can do to reduce carbon emissions makes a big difference in terms of the vulnerabilities that we are likely to face in the future.” 

You can go green by making small changes

Shifting to a greener lifestyle can also have a green impact on your wallet, meaning it can save you money in the long run.

 Spent more money upfront for LED lightbulbs, it will save you money on your energy bills.   

At first, this may be overwhelming, where do I start.

 Next week will break down 5 things you can do in your home right now to start to minimize your carbon footprint. For storm team 2 I’m meteorologist Arielle Whooley