Santa is getting ready for the big journey to deliver toys to all the good little kids across the world, it’s a time for gifts, family and a feast. There IS a way to celebrate the holiday in a green way…

I sat down with Katie Mckain, the director of sustainability for the city of Charleston, this is what she recommends.

“Using fewer disposables is best, anything reusable you can use: Plates, cups, silverware is ideal.”  

That is a simple place to start.  

As you go food shopping for the big day, try to buy locally grown foods. This includes planning your meals around in-season fruits and vegetables.  

If you deep fry your turkey this year, save that oil waste It can be recycled!  

When Cooking- limit cooking time.

“Refine your cooking time, so your oven is not on all day. You can cook a couple of things are once, or maybe look to items that you don’t have to cook that could be freshly made and at room temperatures.” 

Don’t let that good food go to waste, safely store leftovers to enjoy later. This will minimize waste and hassle to cook meals later in the week.  

Reusing is key when it comes to wrapping all those gifts under the tree, save ribbons, bows and gift bags to reuse from year to year. When you go shopping look for eco-friendly brown recycled paper to wrap your gifts.  

December 26th, don’t just throw your tree out, recycle it.  You can use the tree for firewood or turn the tree branches into mulch. It will save you a trip to the store and put some money back in your pocket.  Check with the seller of your tree, some places with taking it back after the holiday and to the recycling.  

Going green this holiday season is a small way to help save our planet, and maybe the start of a goal for the new year. While you are making these changes in your home, what is the city doing to go green? We talk to the city of Charleston next week.  For Storm Team 2 I’m Meteorologist Arielle Whooley