Two weeks ago I carved a pumpkin and set it outside to watch it decompose. Well now that Halloween is over here is the before and after of my carved jack-o-lantern. It only lasted 6 days in the elements

Decomposition is nature’s way of recycling nutrients. Exposure to the outside begins to break down the pumpkin’s cells and eventually worms and other invertebrates, mold and bacteria go to work breaking the pumpkin down until it turns into compost.

So what should you do with your pumpkin to responsibly put it back into the environment. Well you should compost it! You can tell if the pumpkin is ready to be composted if it has lost its orange color or mushy and soft.

Cut it up into pieces and throw it in your yard for the compost process to begin. And if you have a garden Toss it into that so it can richen the soil for your garden! Microbes and other critters in the soil will start breaking down the pumpkin and turning it into rich soil.

Or leave it for wildlife like birds and squirrels, to enjoy. Just ensure the pumpkin isn’t seasoned or salted.