Today marks the beginning of Severe Weather Awareness week in South Carolina! Each day is dedicated to different kinds of severe weather, and how to take action in each severe weather event. 

Sunday, let’s focus on how you can be a “force of nature” and know risks for your area, be prepared to take action, and be an example for your community! 

What kinds of weather are categorized as severe? Events such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods and earthquakes are all considered dangerous weather events. And the Lowcountry is no stranger to any of these events. This is why it is very important to be well prepared for any type of severe weather.  

Develop a plan for what you can do before severe weather hits your area. Being prepared for emergencies is the first step in being weather aware. Staying informed throughout the weather event is key to knowing what is happening and when you need to take action. You can stay informed through a NOAA weather radio or even through the StormTeam2 Weather App. 

Here is what you should listen for when a severe weather event occurs: 

Outlook: Get ready for a severe weather event. Have your safe space ready and supplies that would be needed 

Watch: Get set for a warning to take place, and continue to stay updated on the conditions!

Warning: Stop what you are doing and take action! Seek shelter immediately and wait for instructions from the NOAA radio or your local weather team. 

So what should you do when you receive a warning that dangerous weather is in your area? 

Lightning: Get to a safe space indoors, and if you’re outside do not go near the tallest object in the area. 

Tornado: Get to the lowest level in a sturdy building, in an interior room, and away from windows. 

Flash Flood: Avoid drinking, walking, or swimming in moving water. Only 6 inches of flowing water can knock you off your feet. 

Staying prepared and making sure you have a plan is the first step in being weather aware!