The National Weather Service is letting South Carolinians know how to stay informed and aware while tornados are in our area. The statewide tornado drill was this morning and meteorologist Steven Taylor spoke about how important it is to participate in the drill and prepare.

Tornado watches and warnings are issued here at the local National Weather Service office and lead meteorologist Steven Taylor walked us through the process of issuing a tornado warning

We even had a chance to issue a mock tornado warning!

The process of issuing a tornado warning has to be very quick. So meteorologists can inform the public to shelter as fast as possible.

When that warning is issued it is important to take shelter and heed expert advice, as to when that warning has been lifted and when it is safe to leave your space.

Tornado warnings can last up to 45 minutes, however meteorologists determine whether the initial warning needs expiration, extension, and updates.

The NWS and local partners, like Storm Team Two, work together when severe weather strikes.