WEATHER BLOG: Why so frosty this morning?

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As anticipated, much of the Lowcountry woke up to a heavy layer of frost on their windshields and on their lawns Sunday morning. Compare this to Saturday morning which was even colder, but did not see much, if any, frost. Why is this the case? The main reason is the wind.

You need a couple of things for frost to develop: clear skies, calm winds, and cold temperatures. We certainly saw a cold morning Saturday under clear skies but we were quite breezy. Wind hampers frost development as it mixes the moist air at the surface with drier air higher up. Last night the winds were very calm so the moist air at the surface was easily able to freeze under clear skies through radiational cooling.

So hopefully your plants are okay and hopefully scraping off your windshield doesn’t make you late this Sunday morning!

Storm Team 2 Meteorologist David Dickson

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