A Taste Of Springlike Weather Will Bring Springlike Pollen

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The forecast is calling for a “taste of spring” across the Lowcountry over the next five days, and while we are all looking forward to a spring-like warm up, those warmer temperatures bring spring-like allergies. 

As high temperatures soar into the 70s this week, about 10-15 degrees above normal, trees will start to produce pollen.

The pollen level this time of year is normally low, however, over the next few days expect counts to be on the medium to high side.

Some symptoms you’ll start to see over the next few days include: Nasal congestion, sinus pressure, runny nose, itchy & watery eyes, scratchy throat and cough.

Winter is also the peak of flu/cold season, so how can you tell if you are suffering from allergies or a cold? First, consider the time of year. Normally in the winter sniffling and sneezing can be contributed to a cold – but with the warmer weather it might be harder to tell. Second, consider the duration of the symptoms. Normal colds last about 7-10 days. Next time you blow your nose take a look at the color, a clear discharge typically means allergies are to blame. However, colored discharge could indicate a cold, flu or sinus infection. If you have a high temperature or muscle aches, those are normally caused by a cold/flu.

If you do suffer for allergies here are a few tips to help relieve some symptoms. First, try to limit your time outdoors. If you do have to head outdoors, make sure to wash your clothing when you come inside and take a shower to remove any pollen you may have collected.

If symptoms get bad enough make sure to speak with your doctor about possible over the counter medications to help relieve symptoms. 

The forecast is calling for a return to more normal temperatures by next weekend, which should bring any pollen levels back down.

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