CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Friday marks two years since the Lowcountry was impacted by a variety of wintery precipitation.

The weather event started with freezing rain before a slow transition to sleet and then over to snow.

The Lowcountry received anywhere from 1 inch of snow in parts of Colleton County, up to just over 7 inches in Dorchester County. 

Records kept at the Charleston International Airport recorded 5.3 inches of snow, making this the third-largest snowstorm on record – coming within just 0.1 inches of the number two storm back in 1973. 

ARCHIVE: Digging out of the snow

Snow can cause major problems for the Lowcountry, but with this snowstorm, temperatures stayed cold behind the system. Overnight lows in the teens and 20s with afternoon highs just slightly above freezing, created the perfect condition for black ice.

That’s something we don’t see much here in the Lowcountry but it can cause major travel concerns, as each day the ice and snow melt little by little, causing it to refreeze each night as temperatures fall, each cycle the ice gets thinner on our roads and harder to see. 

The snow was observed on the ground for about five days at the airport, which is the most on record. 

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