How certain clothes keep you cool

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You can’t stay in the AC all weekend! You have to head outside and much like a job interview, it helps if you dress for the part.

To show why light-colored clothing is key to staying cool- I left two shirts, one white, one black, to bake on the roof of News 2 for 30 minutes. Both read around 75 degrees as they sat in the AC before this experiment, but after half an hour- the black shirt heated up to 130 while the white one stayed below 100.

So noticeably hotter, why exactly is that? Black is the perfect absorber of all wavelengths of light created by the sun’s rays, creating more heat for you. White is the exact opposite, reflecting all wavelengths of light created by the sun.

You can be even smarter and cooler with your choice of apparel by choosing clothes that are also lightweight and lose fitting. By wearing breathable materials such as cotton or linen, air can move around and circulate more easily. Loose fitting clothes also helps that circulation- which is key as perspiration, sweating, cools you down by evaporation. The more air you get moving around on your skin- the more efficient evaporation will be- and the cooler you’ll stay in this heat wave.

Storm Team 2 Meteorologist David Dickson

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