King tides are a natural phenomenon and predictable, but they don’t happen everyday. King tides can create challenges for us here in the lowcountry, but once we understand them, they are easy to navigate! 

A king tide is the highest seasonal tide that occurs each year and is affected by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. These tides occur either on a full moon or new moon and when it is closest to the earth. These especially high tides can cause or enhance coastal flooding. This months king tide begins today and ends July 15th 

The average high tide according to the National Weather Service here in Charleston is 5.5 feet. When a king tide occurs, it can cause tides to reach 7 feet or higher, meeting the threshold for minor coastal flooding in the Charleston area.

A king tide can cause some minor coastal flooding, but if coincided with a storm flooding could be significantly worse. Tide heights vary by location! Just make sure you are weather aware when a king tide occurs. And you can stay weather aware with our Storm Team 2 App.