If you see a local meteorologist make sure to say, Happy National Weather Person day!

This holiday is observed every year, mainly in the United States on February 5th.  It is meant to honor those in the weather field from meteorologists to weather forecasters, broadcast meteorologists and volunteer weather spotters.

Why do we celebrate our local weather nerd on this day? Well, one of the first weather spotters in the United States was born on this day. John Jeffries took a daily weather observation starting in 1774.

It is also said that Jeffries made the first balloon flight in 1784 with the main purpose to collect weather data at higher altitudes.

Today, we release weather balloons at all National Weather Service stations twice a day for this reason – to gain weather data.

So, make sure to take a few minutes to thank your local weather person for letting you know what to expect weather-wise from your day.