Football team gives hotel room to Florence evacuees

Hurricane Central

WUTR: Although the Colgate Raiders from Madison County, New York weren’t able to play what they’ve been practicing for against Furman in Greenville. But, they were able to extend a helping hand to those evacuating their homes due to Tropical Storm Florence.

Dan Hunt, Colgate Raiders Football Coach – “They weren’t going to be able to have the game. We looked briefly into flying them here to play that didn’t work out for a lot of different reasons.”

When the raiders found out the game was canceled, they figured the hotels they booked wouldn’t let them out of the rooms since they signed a contract.

Hunt said they just decided to use them for a different reason. “If we’re going to pay for them, lets give them to whoever is displaced. But to be honest with you, the hotel stepped up and said no don’t worry about it… we have it.. that was great.”

Although the Colgate Raiders donated their hotel rooms, they also donated their favorite… Chick-Fil-A meals.

Hunt – “We said we still want to buy those meals and we want you to give them to people who were displaced or first responders or whoever the food can help. “

The money from the team’s trip was able to feed 120 people, which means 120 Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches were given to those who stayed in those hotel rooms.

“To be honest with you,” Hunt said, “we didn’t think this would be that big of a deal. We just thought it was a nice thing to do. Word kinda of spread, which was great, but I think any team at Colgate would have done the same thing or any football team at our level or college would have done the same thing. It’s just the right thing to do.”

The Raiders will continue their season at home next week against Lafayette.

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