Georgetown County opens emergency shelters

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GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCBD) – As of Tuesday, emergency shelters in Georgetown county opened as the county entered operating conditions 1. 

A lot of things went down in Georgetown county at noon Tuesday. The county’s evacuation order took affect, emergency shelters opened and the government moved to OPCON 1. 

“OPCON 1 is the highest state of emergency operations,” said Jackie Broach, Public Information Officer for Georgetown County. “It indicates that a disaster or emergency situation is in effect and that full-fledged emergency response operations are ongoing.  Additionally, the county’s Emergency Operations Center is fully staffed and at 24-hour operation.”

The county is expecting catastrophic damage, so the county says they rather people be safe than sorry. 

“This is not the storm to take a chance with, to try to ride out a hurricane for the first time, or to assume it’s going to be a category one that you’ve experienced before,” Broach said. “This is a different animal.” 

County officials are encouraging everyone to evacuate. The evacuation order in Georgetown County applies to people that live in zones A,B, and C. Those zones extend well west of highway 17 and past highway 701. To find out your zone, click here. Officials also say if people live in a mobile home, have special medical needs, or live in areas that are prone to flooding, they should evacuate as well. 

The county opened two emergency shelters in Andrews and Pleasant Hill for people evacuating. Pets are not allowed at the shelters, so please plan accordingly when it comes to making sure pets have a safe place to stay. 

Sand bag distribution stations were also open Tuesday. A few sandbags were left at the North Santee, Dunbar, and Wachesaw locations. Homeowners can get 10 bags per car. Once the locations are out of bags, that will be the end of distributing sand bags.

I’m live in Georgetown at one of the few sand bad distribution stations left at North Santee Park. Each car is allowed 10 bags. If you need bags head on over #chsnews @WCBD #HurricaenFlorence #chswx— Deanne Roberts (@DeanneWCBD) September 11, 2018

County officials are keeping an eye out for Hurricane Florence as they’ve moved to 24-hour staffing at the Emergeny Operations Center. 

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