Hurricane Hugo survivor prepares for Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Central

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Businesses and homes downtown are preparing for hurricane Florence by boarding up windows and putting sand bags in front of their doors.

Thursday was a beautiful day in Charleston, ahead of hurricane Florence. Although many businesses are closed, many people got as much fresh air as possible as hurricane Florence approaches.

David Alwine says hurricane Florence isn’t his first rodeo. 

“We were in Mount Pleasant at that time and evacuated to the Summerville area,” Alwine said. 

Alwine survived Hurricane Hugo back in 1989. He remembers Hugo like it was yesteday. 

“That was a traumatic experience,” he said. 

His family was without power for two weeks. His home also suffered major water damage. 

“Hugo was a lot worse than anything I’ve ever seen, especially compared to hurricanes Matthew and Irma,” he said. 

Alwine believes Hugo has prepared him for Florence. He isn’t putting up boards or sand bags, but he’s making sure his house is stocked with goods. 

“The batteries, the candles, the water and first aid kid,” he said. 

Alwine believes if someone lives in Charleston, storms come with the territory, so he says his family is ready. 

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