Japan recovers after Typhoon Jebi

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JAPAN (WCBD/NBC) – Typhoon Jebi left destruction in its wake as it plowed through Japan on Tuesday. It was the strongest storm to hit Japan in 25 years, making landfall with 135 mph winds.

Three thousand people were left stranded at Kansai Airport after strong winds pushed a tanker into the bridge that connects the airport to the Japanese mainland. Starting Wednesday morning, shuttle buses running on one lane of the bridge took stranded travelers to Izumi Sano Station. Ferries shuttled passengers to nearby Kobe airport.

Officials managed to separate the tanker from the bridge. Crew members on board at the time of the collision were all rescued Tuesday night.

Jebi killed 11 people in Osaka, Shiga, Mie and Aichi Prefectures. At least six of those people were in cars that were picked up by the wind. 151 people were reported injured in Osaka alone.

As of Wednesday morning, Japan Airlines canceled 58 flight while All Nippon Airways canceled 54.

About 100 cars caught fire in Hyogo Prefecture. The fire may have been started by batteries shorting out when the cars were inundated with water. Containers on Kobe’s Rokko Island also caught fire.

High winds toppled construction cranes in Nishinomiya, leaving one partly submerged in the ocean.

One building at Kyoto’s Hirano Shire completely collapsed after six support pillars gave out. The city had designated the building a cultural property in 2014.

Also damaged was the Togetsu Bridge, which spans the Katsura River in Kyoto.

Nishi Hongwanji Buddist Temple also suffered damage when high winds toppled about 66 feet of a 10-foot high wall.

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