Plantersville residents brace for flooding

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Residents prepare homes, wait for rising waters

PLANTERSVILLE, SC (WCBD) – Areas of Georgetown County that are under a flood warning are already seeing flooding from some creeks and swamp areas as of Tuesday afternoon. The creeks and swamps are fed by the larger Pee Dee and Waccamaw Rivers.

In Plantersville, some roads are shut down because of the rising waters, making travel difficult.

Local first responders and first responders deploy to the area from across the Lowcountry are stationed throughout the area, ready to respond as needed as the residents here wait to see how high the waters rise.

Joseph Enoch, who lives on one of the flooded roads says the areas saw rising water due to storms over the past several years, but nothing like this. “Similar but not to this extreme. This is a little bit different from years in the past. Of different hurricanes and torrential rains,” Enoch explains.

But as a life-long resident of Plantersville, Enoch knows his community is ready to deal with whatever may come, “We’re a strong community. A strong knit community. So I think everyone is kind of handling it in a way of being just alert, and just trying to be ready, and be prepared for whatever may happen,” he says.

Enoch, himself, picked up some sandbags. Even though he thinks he’s far enough away from the rising waters, he wants to be safe. “We picked up a couple of sandbags earlier because the emergency commission people let us know that we needed to get some sandbags just in case. Because of the creek that’s rising toward our house.”

Enoch says the water levels have been steadily rising over the last several days and residents are cautiously watching as the levels continue to rise the rest of the week.

The rivers in this areas have yet to crest, so the people in Plantersville are hoping and praying this doesn’t get any worse.

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