CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – This September marks the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo and the devastation the storm left behind across the Lowcountry.

News 2 was there as Hugo made landfall nearly thirty years ago. We’ve been digging through station archives to take a journey back in time to that frightening day, September 22nd, 1989 and they days surrounding it.

“Ladies and gentleman, Charleston County is now under a state of emergency,” said Linda Lombard from the Emergency Operations Center,” urging residents to heed warning and take this powerful storm seriously.” It is anticipated that Hurricane Hugo will be in the Charleston area earlier than first reported.”

She continued her message. “Gale force winds are predicted by 3pm tomorrow, Thursday, making weather conditions and travel conditions very dangerous. It is imperative that all residents are Charleston County leave as soon as possible.”

Shortly after roads were clogged as thousands began evacuating for places inland like Atlanta, Augusta and Columbia.

Hurricane Hugo left a wide path of destruction from downtown to the barrier islands, North Charleston and up to Columbia and even Charlotte, NC.

The category 4 storm destroyed dozens of homes, felled thousands of trees – tossed boats ashore like toys, and killed 13 people in South Carolina alone.

In the end, Hugo caused $6 billion in damage as it swept through the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico and through the Carolinas.

News 2 will continue our journey back into time. You are invited to join us for this 30-year look-back both on-air and online.