Tommy Condon’s: Post Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo

Charleston, S.C. (WCBD): This September marks the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo and the devastation it left behind.

Located in the heart of the Holy City, News 2’s Temple Ricke gives us a closer look at one restaurant affected by the storm.

Douglas Rodgers, a bartender at Tommy Condon’s, recalls his experience in 30 years ago in 1989. 

He remembers being a student at the College of Charleston reaching out to his Grandmother for advice, “she said… We don’t leave for hurricanes it’ll be fine. After that she left for every hurricane”.

Rodgers says no one expected the damages that came with Hugo… He showed us around the restaurant to a spot that marks where the flood waters peaked.

He explains the flood waters came in at high tide through the doors and drains… Leaving a lasting impact—6 years after Tommy’s opened its doors, Hurricane Hugo closed them for nine months of repair. 

Rodgers says that once the water cleared, “the boards of the floor had bundled up and there was pluff mud everywhere and crabs and a couple of dead fish. Little bit of wild life to let us know they were still here.”

When all was said and done… Rodgers says the situation ended up helping Charleston’s tourism business. “It put us on the map because we were hit so hard by it and it brought more people down. It had its good and bad implications I guess”.

Hurricane Hugo is currently the 12th most costly storm to ever hit the United States.

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