Charleston, South Carolina – an incredible place to call home. Once a hidden gem, now a popular diamond in the rough. But while our beauty tells one story – our resiliency tells another.

WCBD News 2 is committed to bringing you what you need to know from the daily forecasts to historic severe weather that shaped the Lowcountry forever.

In this half-hour, which can be viewed in the player above, we look back at the storms that have shaped our coastline while looking forward to current conditions and preparations for the season ahead.

We speak with the new director of the National Hurricane Center, Dr. Michael Brennan, to take a peak behind the curtains at what is happening at the NHC on a daily basis to track and inform you about storms in the Atlantic.

Plus, our team travels to Pawleys Island which has suffered significant damage from past storms like Hugo, Matthew, Dorian, and more recently – Hurricane Ian.

And we look to lessons learned from past storms and how they helped to shape how we prepare for future storms and remain a strong symbol of resiliency across our community.

News 2 and Storm Team 2 are here to provide you with the information that you need to get ready for any storm that may threaten our coast, regardless of size or strength.