Getting your home and family prepared for the 2019 Hurricane Season

Tracking the Tropics

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – It’s hard to believe the start of hurricane season is right around the corner on June 1st. Now is the time to be preparing for the upcoming season; there is a list of things you can do before, during and after the storm to help keep your family safe and minimize damage to your home.

The time to plan is before the start of Hurricane season when you can take your time building a plan. Know where to go: It’s important to know your evacuation route if an evacuation is issued for your area.

Pack an emergency kit for your family and your pets. For a list of what to include in your kit, click here to review the Storm Team 2 hurricane guide. If you decide to stay, you want to make sure you are ready to ride out the storm. Take a weekend and inventory any of your personal property, in case property is damaged in a hurricane. Review all insurance policies; this includes car and homeowner’s insurance, health insurance and life insurance.  Know what you are entitled to within your plans, make an adjustment before the season starts and know what actions you need to take after the storm moves out. Take steps to clean up any loose debris around your home, clean out gutters and cut back trees.

During the storm is it important to make sure you have a reliable way to receive information, like a portable weather radio. If evacuation orders are issued and you decide to stay, know the risks. If you stay and ride out the storm, stay inside away from any windows, walls and doors until the storm has passed.

Once the storm passes and you are given the all clear from local officials to go outside or head time, the clean-up and recovery process will begin. Make sure you do this in the daylight, because debris, electrical wires and other obstacles could be dangerous during the nighttime. Power may still be out in the area and daylight will help minimize any chance for injuries.

Once you can start moving around, it is important to remember to not drive into any flooded roadways and treat all fallen power lines as if they were live. Last, make sure to take photos of any damages your home sustained during the storm for insurance purposes.

We cannot stop tropical systems from coming to the Lowcountry, but our best line of defense is to prepare ahead of the storm.

To learn more, click here to visit the Storm Team 2’s Hurricane Central.

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