The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Hurricane Committee has officially decided that the Greek alphabet will not be used in the future when the list of 21 names is exhausted. They believe that its use created a potentially confusing distraction from communicating the threats of an approaching storm.

Instead, if the standard A-Z (excluding Q, U, X, Y, Z) list is finished, future storms will be named based on a supplemental list of names- starting with A and ending with W. These changes will be put in place for this year’s hurricane season, which will not be moved from its established start date on June 1st this year.

You can see the supplemental list of names to be used below.

Atlantic tropical cyclone names Pacific tropical cyclone names 
Adria Aidan 
Braylen Bruna 
Deshawn Daniella 
Emery Esteban 
Foster Flor 
Gemma Gerardo 
Heath Hedda 
Isla Izzy 
Jacobus Jacinta 
Kenzie Kenito 
Makayla Marina 
Nolan Nancy 
Orlanda Ovidio 
Pax Pia 
Ronin Rey 
Tayshaun Teo 
Viviana Violeta 
Will Wilfredo