TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is coming to a close, and the tropics are finally starting to quiet down.

The National Hurricane Center said in a Wednesday outlook that no new tropical cyclones are expected to develop or form in the Atlantic basin throughout the next five days. The message was welcome news for those in the southeast still reeling from Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole.

While the Atlantic basin is currently empty, it’s important to note that there are still two weeks left in hurricane season. The season officially ends on Wednesday, Nov. 30 this year.

So is there a chance that we still could see activity pop up in the next two weeks?

“While it’s not impossible to see tropical development with only two weeks left in this year’s hurricane season, it is unlikely,” WFLA Meteorologist Rebecca Barry said. “The GFS hints that we may see a low over the mid-Atlantic – a fish storm, if you will – but no other forecast models are picking up on that, meaning it is most likely not going to occur.”

“I think it’s safe to start robbing the batteries and snacks from your hurricane preparation supplies,” she added.

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