Shellfish season started in October, which means its time for Lowcountry oyster roast! However, there is a way to recycle your shells responsibly! I spoke with Holly Sommers the Oyster Shell Recycling Program manager with SCDNR about the process.

She says that it is a community effort, from commercial fisherman, restaurants, and even a roast in your backyard helps recycling oyster shells.

Sommers also mentions that oysters are vital to our shoreline!

I was able to attend a volunteer oyster shell bagging event in preparation for lining these already cleaned shells on the shoreline.

Public drop off locations are located all around the Lowcountry and volunteers are needed. Scan the QR code on your screen to see public drop-off locations, email links to both the oyster recycling team and the community based team, and a link to their website