It’s game day! Super Bowl LVI kicks off Sunday evening – so let’s take a look at the climatology of the past Super Bowl games! Sunday’s forecast could also possibly set a new record for “warmest game day.”

Weather Record

Whether it be the gameday forecast for the players, or for wherever fans are watching, weather plays a significant role in Super Bowl Sunday festivities.

Most Super Bowls have been played outdoors, where the forecast matters the most. Actually, only 20 of the previous 55 have been in domed stadiums, while 35 have been outdoors in warm-weather cities. This year, Super Bowl LVI will be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California at 6:30 p.m. ET. SoFi Stadium does have a roof, but its sides are open, meaning that games may be subject to delays due to the rare thunderstorm. However, rain shouldn’t be an issue for gameday– the record that could be broken is the high temperature! 

The Coldest Super Bowl 

  • The 2018 Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis was the coldest Super Bowl day on record. Despite plenty of sunshine leading up to the game, the temperature outside at kickoff was 2°F with a wind chill of -14°F. The Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots indoors. Even with such frightful weather outside, the U.S. Bank Stadium was more crowded than a regular Super Bowl several hours before kickoff.

The Warmest Super Bowl

Weather-wise, the “warmest” game was played on January 14, 1973, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. At kickoff, the temperature was 84°F, making the game the warmest Super Bowl. Will this year’s game in Inglewood, CA, break that record? 

Other Weather History Highlights

Some more interesting facts from Super Bowl weather history (1967 through 2021):

  • 23 of 55 Bowls had a hint or more of rain at the nearest reporting station on the day of the game
  • 3 Bowls had snow reported on game day (1982, 2006, 2018)
  • 1 Bowl was played during an ice storm (2000)
  • The warmest high temperature on game day was 84°F (1973, 2003)
  • The coldest high temperature on game day was 9°F (2018)
  • The coldest high temperature for an outdoor game was 43°F (1972)
  • The wettest Super Bowl was in 2007, with 0.92 inches of rain
  • 5 outdoor games had high wind gusts (1980, 1984, 1989, 2007, 2016)

2022 Super Bowl Weather Forecast

There is a slight possibility that another weather record could occur this year. Super Bowl LVI is taking place in Inglewood, California, so rain is not likely.

Today’s forecast calls for high temperatures in the low 80s in California, so depending on how quickly temperatures fall overnight, we could see a new record for “warmest high temperature on game day”, which was set at 84°F in 1973 and 2003.

Based on StormTeam 2’s analysis, it looks as though the overnight cool-down process will begin too early for the Warmest Super Bowl Record to be broken, but as with every forecast, only time will tell!

As for your watching plans this evening, the Lowcountry is expected to dip down into the mid-30s! So you most likely will need to bundle up for Superbowl LVI!