Day 5 of our WCBD News 2 Viewer Trip cruising the Rhine River!

What a day on Father’s Day in Cologne, Germany! It’s my first trip to Germany, and there was certainly lots to see and enjoy. Our day started with a guided tour of the city by our on site guide Emily, who is from Michigan but is getting her Masters here in Cologne.

A highlight for sure was the Cathedral, a structure left mostly intact after the bombings during World War II, which can’t be said for most of the buildings in this 4th largest city in Germany.

The cathedral is massive, with the 2 spires more than 500 feet tall. Inside is breathtaking, with beautiful stained glass windows, with the major point of interest being the shrine on the high alter which is said to contain the remains of the Three Wise Men. It was moving to see in person.
The Cathedral is a must see!
Some of our Charleston travelers even attended the Noon Mass at the Cathedral. 

As the saying goes, …when in Rome! Well, I guess, when in Germany, you must drink beer!
We had a beer tasting stop in the city, and it did not disappoint. There is lots of beer consumed here, many glasses by a group of handball fans! Apparently there was a large handball tournament here, and the atmosphere was electric! 

Our day ended with a walk over the bridge spanning the Rhine River in Cologne. It’s well know for the locks of love all along the way!

Hope everyone is staying safe back home, and hope you are enjoying our photos of the trip!