“You never know when a hurricane is going to strike and it seems as though mother nature has been more volatile lately,” Kate Schmieding, Director of PR Groundswell, said. “So it’s really critically important to get prepared sooner rather than later and you can do so super easily.”

Take it from Kate, who has been through it herself.

“Naturally it was in the middle of summer, it was June or July, and it was about 95 degrees every day, 100% humidity as we get down here in Charleston,” Schmieding said. “It was a lighter storm too, I think it was a Cat 1 or a Cat 2 but we lost power for more than a week. So, having these essentials on hand was a game-changer for us.”

And Kat’s family hurricane kit is stacked.

“We have a water filtration system, because to me that is one of the most important items to have to make sure you’re hydrated and have clean, freshwater. We also of course have our ReadyWise food kits to make sure that we have delicious, nutritious meals,” Schmieding said.

All you need is a small Coleman grill.

 “Additionally we always have a medical kit in our hurricane kit because who knows what’s going to happen when you are going out and cleaning up the house.”

To top if off, something to protect your electronics from heat, water, and breakage is essential.

“The last thing you want is to be stuck at home with no power and no way to communicate with the outside world,” Schmieding said. “So products such as foozy thermal capsules will offer the ultimate protection to your phone, your laptop or tablet, and even spare batteries.”

Like Kate said, having a quality hurricane kit is a must in the event that a storm takes a toll on the area.

“We weren’t left high and dry, we were able to fix what was wrong with our house but also help our neighbors out and in Charleston, it’s all about community,” Schmieding said. “When we are all prepared, we can all help each other.”

It’s one of the most beautiful things about the Lowcountry.