Weather on Par: Dunes West

Weather Wednesday

Weather and golf go hand in hand, and when you’re on the course, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. We stop in to Dunes West this week to talk to PGA Golf Professional David Roach about how to play to the wind.

“The wind, it is a major element that you have to consider whenever you’re going to go play golf, not only today,” Roach said, “but what happened yesterday and the night before, and how much did the wind of yesterday and last evening dry out the course.”

The drier the course is, the further a shot will roll. The opposite goes for a soggy course.

“There have been studies done that show that on average if the wind is in your favor, you can get about an extra 10 yards.” Roach said.

While those extra 10 yards may sound appealing, depending on the course, it isn’t always a great thing.

“If you’re going to get an extra 10 yards from that shot on that day, that you don’t want because it’s going to put you in the creek, then you might say you know what, let me back down and let me maybe use an 8 iron, let me use an 8 iron so I can not get that extra 10 yards and kind of end up where I’d normally end up,” Roach said. “Normally between your clubs there’s a 10 yard difference.”

If the wind is the other direction, you’ll need to take a different plan of attack.

“That same 10 mph wind can cause you to lose up to 20 yards on that same shot. So you’ll say oh if I’m going to use 20 yards let me go back to the 7 so that I don’t lose so much yardage, but if the ground is really wet instead of dry, you won’t get as much roll,” Roach said. “So then you’re fighting the wind, you’re fighting the roll, so maybe instead I want to go with my 5 hybrid. All of those different things together can have you anywhere between this many different clubs for the same shot on the same hole. “

Make sure to consider all of these elements and factors as you line up to take your next shot.

“After you’ve done all that stuff, if it’s working or not for ya, just grip it and rip it,” Roach said.

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