Weather Wednesday: Low-cost Tide Gauges

Weather Wednesday

Researchers at The Citadel are working to create low-cost tide gauges.

Tide gauges are important to coastal communities, like our own, especially when it comes to tidal flooding and understanding our waterways. One research team at the Citadel is working to create a low-cost measurement device for the tides.

“It’s a pretty simple device. This is what we have so far. When you put this in the water, this will spin and that will go through this motor and to this little micro computer which is called a microcontroller,” Kaelyn Leake, Assistant Professor of Physics at the Citadel said. “That is basically just like a computer you would have on your phone and what that does is it tells the information coming from this what is actually happening. So it can do math, things like that.”

Leake says the simple device measures the salinity of the water, flow speed, and depth. She hopes that someday in the near future they can hand it out to kids at local schools to be able to learn more about how our tides work.

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